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Vladas BIELIAUSKAS, the official representative of the company VICTOR MAYER GmbH & Co in Lithuania, on the occasion of the new millenium and with cordial thanks donates to his native town Vilnius a special object d'art - the FABERGE egg"VILNIUS".



  The VILNIUS egg

This egg was produced in the year 2000. With 232 gr. 18 kt. of gold and 2.18 ct. of diamonds. The Limitation: 3 pieces.
The egg is enameled in green colour, with a clock and gold ornament. A cross and the arms of Vilnius are on the top. The basement is made of rock-crystal and lapis lazuli. The tower of the Vilnius castle is handmade in 18 kt. and inserted into the egg. Gold with diamonds.

The egg is a symbol synonymous with FABERGE,
and stands for love, vertility and life

Carl Faberge created these famous ceremonial eggs as symbols of life and resurrection for Imperial families in celebration of Orthodox Easter. These eggs belong to the most celebrated works of goldsmiths in modern times.
Faberge's current workmaster, the jewellery manufacturer VICTOR MAYER, also creates original eggs for special occasions of historical importance. These objects d'art are authorised dy FABERGE Co. They are produced in strictly limited numbers. As at the turn of the last century, the eggs also contain small surprises inside that are reminiscent of political, cultural or historical events.


In 1991, Dr.Herbert Mohr- Mayer handed the Gorbachev Peace Egg to Mikhail Gorbachev, president of what was in the time the Soviet Union. It was given as a tribute to the way in wich Gorbachev had succeeded in redusing tensions between East and West. Mikhail Gorbachev donated his as an Easter present to the Kremlin Museum in Moscow.



The German Federal Egg was created on the occasion of the decision to shift Germany's Bundestag from Bonn to Berlin. It was donated to the House of history in Bonn by the jeweller Richarz on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of his jewellery workshop. It was ceremoniously presented to Marianne von Weizacker, the wife of the then president of Germany.


  The MALTA egg

On 13 July 1995, exactly 77 years after the assassination of Russian Tsar Nikolay II, Dr.Herbert Mohr-Mayer presented the Malta Egg to the president of Malta, Mr. Ugo Mifsud-Bonnicci. The Egg was specially created in remembrance of this event. Dr. H.Mohr-Mayer noted that all of Russian Tsars from Pavel I, who was a great master of the Maltese Order, contributed a great deal to defending Western culture.




  The MANDELA egg

In June 1997, the Mandela Egg was given as a present to Nelson Mandela, president of the South Africa Republic. It expresses a respect for this political figure of the highest order, a man who managed to reconcile the black and white people of South Africa and to stabilise a young democracy, and place a milestone in world politics.



In 1997, at the 1000th anniversary of the city of Gdansk, the FABERGE company gave the Millennium Amber Egg as a present to the mayor of Gdansk. This piece of art was designed to encourage and develop relations between Germany and Poland and raise the spirit of frendship between both countries.




On the occasion of the 235th anniversary of the jewellery masters of Wurzburg's Guttenhof guild, today's owners Inga and Allbert Breitenberg decided to consent an anniversary FABERGE Egg to be created. On 15 October 1999, Archduke Geza von Habsburg presented this beautiful piece of art to the Hall of Knights of the Wurzburg residence.